Beginners sewing class

As part of my quest to be more creative and cultivate new interests outside of my work I decided to sign up for a beginners sewing class at The Stitchery in Cardiff. I have been wanting to learn to sew for a while – but the last time I used a sewing machine was at Home Ec lessons in school many moons ago! So feeling enthusiastic but also very rusty and a bit apprehensive I turned up bright and early one sunday morning for my lesson. I was immediately made to feel welcome by Helen and she explained what the plan for the day was. Like myself the other 4 participants were all essentially beginners to so we started right from basics with winding a bobbin and threading the machine. We then spent the morning getting used to using the sewing machines and practicing a variety of hems.

After a quick lunch break we were back at our machines to make a zippered make up bag – using a very simple pattern Helen showed us a step-by-step method to make our bags. I was very pleasantly surprised with mine at the end – luckily the slighty wonky seams are on the inside so can’t easily be seen!

I had a great day at the class. I felt a real sense of achievement at being able to create something pretty and enjoyed the fact that in order to concentrate on the sewing I had to clear my mind of all other intrusions. I hope to book more courses at The Stitchery and in the meantime am off to Ikea to buy my own sewing machine…make up bags all around for Christmas!