Beginners sewing class

As part of my quest to be more creative and cultivate new interests outside of my work I decided to sign up for a beginners sewing class at The Stitchery in Cardiff. I have been wanting to learn to sew for a while – but the last time I used a sewing machine was at Home Ec lessons in school many moons ago! So feeling enthusiastic but also very rusty and a bit apprehensive I turned up bright and early one sunday morning for my lesson. I was immediately made to feel welcome by Helen and she explained what the plan for the day was. Like myself the other 4 participants were all essentially beginners to so we started right from basics with winding a bobbin and threading the machine. We then spent the morning getting used to using the sewing machines and practicing a variety of hems.

After a quick lunch break we were back at our machines to make a zippered make up bag – using a very simple pattern Helen showed us a step-by-step method to make our bags. I was very pleasantly surprised with mine at the end – luckily the slighty wonky seams are on the inside so can’t easily be seen!

I had a great day at the class. I felt a real sense of achievement at being able to create something pretty and enjoyed the fact that in order to concentrate on the sewing I had to clear my mind of all other intrusions. I hope to book more courses at The Stitchery and in the meantime am off to Ikea to buy my own sewing machine…make up bags all around for Christmas!



Leiths retro baking class

Last Saturday I went on a retro baking class at Leith’s. I’ve been keen to do a class at Leith’s for a while and got given a voucher for Christmas

The menu for the retro baking course included peach Melba cheesecake, muscovado sugar cupcakes with salted caramel frosting and scones with elderflower and strawberry compote. Though not a novice to baking I have struggled to make fluffy scones and cheesecakes without cracks so thought this would be a good time to learn and a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

Armed with our aprons we turned up at leiths bright and early to be greeted with delicious pastries and coffee. The class was taught by Max and her assistant Lou who gave us a demonstration and a plan for the morning and we were off!

All our ingredients had already been measured out for us and our washing up was done for us along the way too… Very decadent! We were given lots of advice and handy tips and tricks throughout the day and max and Lou were brilliant at helping out and answering questions.

At the end off the session whilst we were packing up our goodies we were treated to a glass of bubbly and delicious savoury pastries… Much needed after a morning spent licking sugary spoons!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Leith’s and came away armed with lots of inspiration and ideas for baking. Everything tasted really good and I received lots of compliments. I’ll definitely be saving up some pennies to do another class!